What are the signs of a True Sportsmanship | How much it is important?

When we talk about the success of an athlete be it of any sports form, it can’t be judged on the basis only the Wins and other achievements. But there are many aspects and traits which make up to be a Good Sportsperson in general.

True Sportmanship

To me, the fundamental quality that a good sportsperson should have is Respect for his team and other fellow mates. Respect just not for his senior players or coach, but for each human being in general too. Along with the respect, there are many other qualities which make up to a good sportsman

Signs of a True Sportsmanship | Redefined

I have seen players who play well and get really serious with their game on-field. This makes the game interesting, and also builds up the spirits of the viewers as well. But what if the same person acts improper off-field? You may lose some respect points you had for him/her. That’s why, all the players must focus on being a true sportsperson, both on-field as well as off-field.

Then you will ask the question, isn’t a sportsperson judged by how he is while on the field? My answer is Yes. But, this isn’t limited to the game itself. It is also about how the player is in real life! I have listed out some qualities below, that a Good Sportsmen must have!

A True Encourager

True Encourager

This player will be someone who tries to involve each of the members of the team. You are a talented guy still you would want the whole team to contribute to the game and someone who gives chances to all the game member on showcasing their skills.

Someone who puts in efforts for building up the confidence of the new members or the beginners – also falls in this trait.

Not a Fake Master

Those who show-off or simply someone who just fakes it in front of the viewers won’t ever make a good sportsperson. Being true and as genuine as possible should be the motto. These days, audiences are more clever and could easily make out who is faking and who is playing for real.

The person who always plays it fairly

Of course, he/she should always believe in fair play. Some who do not cheat and plays the game in a rightful way is another trait. A person who remains honest with his game and sticks by the rules makes a true player.

Talks less, and Acts more.

Good Sportsmanship

Yeah, watch out for this one! There are players who just keep on doing the talk without actually performing it. A good sportsperson is the one who talks less and believes in Action. So, next time if you feel like you don’t talk much – let your play do all the talking. A player with a Good Sportsmanship in sports believes in putting more efforts in the game, and prefer less talking.

One who understands that ‘Losing is a part of the Game’. 

Take any game, you will have a winning team and a losing one. If you feel like your team is losing the match, then keep it cool and play the match in a calm manner. A good team player will take the loss in a nice way, and handle it in a way that no one player feels low with the game. At the end of the game, what matters is how you played and how much you improved than the previous game?

Also, this guy won’t blame anyone for losing the game. Keep your head high, and enjoy the game as it is going! This is one of the important qualities I look upon.

Obeys the Game Rules & Respects the officials. 

Finally, he/she must obey and follow all the rules set by the officials. This does not limit with the game rules only but also inculcating good manners. Sometimes, it is possible that you made some mistake – then you have to obey and respect whatever decision is made by the authorities. If some wrong conduct is proved from your side, then keep the attitude of apologizing.

These are the traits which are a must in a Good sportsperson. So, do you have all of them in you? One should instill these qualities not only for just sports but also in real life. Face all the problems courageously, because most of the time your reaction is what matters. Have a good day!