Why Zhang Jike must qualify for his upcoming Qualification Tournament?

We are talking about the Olympic Gold Medalist and the Men’s World Cup winner, Zhang Jike. He is a Chinese Table Tennis player who recently jumped to the 76th position on the ITTF ranks, after participating in the Three Major Open tournaments.

Another big thing about this 30-years old guy is that he is the fourth player to achieve the Career Grand Slam. The first three players are Jan-Ove Waldner, Liu Guoliang, and Kong Linghui.

Why Zhang Jike must qualify for his upcoming Qualification Tournament?

Zhang Jike must qualify for his upcoming Qualification Tournament

The Seamaster 2018 ITTF is around the corner, and for Zhang to lock his presence for that game should compulsorily win at the preceding qualifying games. The preliminary games commence on 22nd May, and the major game is on 24th May.

Zhang is ranked on #1 position among all the Chinese Men’s team, and also the only guy to ever win the Men’s Singles Title. The other players who fall next to Zhang are Xu Chenhao, Zhou Yu; where Zhou has been a runner-up for three time and Chenhao bagged the second place at the 2013 Japan Open.

While others who are playing in the team are either the young newly joined ones or may have people who may have left the team already.

Coming to the qualifying rounds, all the other Chinese players along with Zhang are going to participate. These qualifying games are present even for the Double’s game, just like the Men’s Singles.

Many of the local audiences have an eye on Wong Chun Ting too, he is currently the top seed in the Men’s Single game. He is going to partner with Ho Kwan Kit for the Men’s Double game, and they are on the 3rd place on the seed. They are behind the Korean’s Jeoung Youngsik and Lee Sangsu who were the runners-up in Germany, this year itself.

We should also not forget two special names: Xu Haidong and Niu Guankai who are still playing and are there on the list. They are the surprise elements of the match!

Now, could Zhang Jike tackle all the world championship qualification tournament players and make it to the Seamaster 2018? We will surely find out!

Few Ping Pong Trick Shots You Must Know in 2018

Ping Pong is a popular 2 or 4 player that is played all over the world, by all age group people. It mainly involves a ping pong table, ping pong paddle, and a ping pong ball. But this game is currently on the rounds with people posting their Ping Pong trick shots involving the game and other cool stuff.

You could try out a few of them at home, whereas there are some others who are currently on a different level with this PING PONG thing.

Few Ping Pong Trick Shots You Must Know in 2018

Precision and Timing, the two crucial things which are a must for a perfect Trick Shot.

There are two categories when we talk about the Ping Pong tricks; one is either you could set a homely background for the trick. The second option involves huge gigantic things that requires more investment and a huge space area too.

If you search on the Instagram, you will find many of the accounts that are dedicatedly working in this Ping Pong Tricks only. So you could take some inspiration from there too.

Otherwise, YouTube is always there anytime! It’s important that you consider the place to buy ping pong table if you want to make a quality purchase.

I will list out a few random videos which I found new and interesting. Something that can give you better ideas!

#1 EpicBruv tried a no-look vase ping pong shot and posted it on his Instagram account. This way even you could try out a ping pong trick using a simple vase at home. IT MAY SEEM EASY BUT IT ISN’T!

Just TRY TRY! 

#2 Another type of Ping Post is something which involves anything along with the Ping Pong game. Check out how the ponginfinity team tried their hands on playing the ping pong game using a Tong! 

You may say it’s not a trick shot video, but still have you ever thought of playing the game with a Tong?


#3 Next we have our very own, Dude Perfect! They are the Pro Ping Pong experts, who have been into the posting the tricks for a long time. This team posts more ping-pong videos on YouTube, and this is why I didn’t find any video on Instagram. 

Find this latest Trick Shot video number 4 posted on July 2, which has already hit almost 2 million likes. This rightly justifies the caption, taking the tricks into the craziest level yet.   

#4 This pingpongkid is killing it all the way. He has a total of 85 posts till this date, with amazing followers of nearly 24K! 


#5 What to say about this skill shot! How did he even do that? Mystery!


So, these are a few of my favorite online Ping Pong Trick Shots that I have seen online. Which one did you like the most? Comment your answer below, and for more such interesting feeds follow us on sportsdeckblog!