Well, passion is everything.

Passion overcomes everything because when you truly love something, it’s hard to stop you from doing it and it’s hard to stop you from doing your best at it.

– Mark McMorris


Sean Allen – is the main writer working on this website. He is from Kentucky and belongs to a health-conscious family. His father James was a true believer in healthy eating and a sports fanatic. “Each one of us needs to take care of our health and body in the best way possible” – this is what he used to say to us.

Mark McMorris

How things turned opposite during College days:

Mike was the best buddy at college, and we used to sit at the canteen for long hours munching on our fav food items. But we realized the ill effects that the food did on us, and I took Mike along with me to the gym to get back to fitness! We tried on some really hard-hitting workouts and things are back to normal.

Blog Idea!

This is where I got the idea to share with you all, our journey to fitness and all those secret tips on how to get in the right shape. Both Mike & I are into different sports like basketball, tennis, football etc. Ever ready for any match! Will be sharing our gaming experiences too, so don’t miss out on any updates.

About our personal life, we are happy-go-singles not seeking any relationship whatsoever.

This website is for all, Men & Women. We will clearly mention about any exercise if it is less suitable for men or women in particular. So! Check out our posts and awesome blogs!

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